Air Filter Tester
by Wind Tunnel
Midium performance air filter performance
evaluation system (for Ventilation)
High performance (HEPA/ULPA) air filter
performance evaluation
High Performance Air Filter
Leak Rate Tester (EN1822-4)
Cabin air filter tester (gas/particles)
Evaluation of bacterial capture efficiency of air filter
Air filter life-span evaluation
Plasma filter
Semiconductor gas filter, etc.
mask performance
evaluation system
Yellow dust/health mask leak
rate evaluation system
Yellow dust/health mask intake
and exhaust resistance evaluation device
Yellow dust/Mask performance
test system (for Health)
Bacterial Filtration Efficiency(BFE)
Evaluation System of filter
Medical mask synthetic blood penetration
resistance evaluation device
Medical mask Flammability evaluation device
Medical mask particle filtration
efficiency (PTE) evaluation device
Air cleaner device (purifier)
/Air sterilizer performance
evaluation system
Air cleaner device (purifier) dust collection
and deodorization efficiency
performance evaluation system
​Air cleaner device (purifier) microbial
removal performance evaluation system
Air Sterilizer Performance Evaluation System
Dust sensor (PM-2.5)
(simple measuring device)
performance evaluation system
Dust sensor (PM-2.5) (simple measuring device)
performance evaluation system
​Dust sensor (PM-2.5) performance
evaluation system for Air cleaner device (purifier)
​Automotive Dust sensor (PM-2.5)
performance evaluation system
For evaluation of performance
class repetability for NIER
ADF-2090 Dust sensor (PM-2.5) (simple measuring tester)
performance field inspection tester
The ADF-2090 of ART PLUS checks the measurement accuracy and sensitivity of a Dust field tester in operation in the field, and quickly checks whether the product maintains its quality within the measurement accuracy range of the corresponding class initially acquired.
MBP-2038 Medical mask synthetic blood penetration
resistance tester
It is a test equipment that determines whether or not it penetrates the skin contact surface of the mask when synthetic blood sprayed horizontally at a certain pressure and distance.
MDF-2034 45° flammability tester
This is a device that records the burning time until it reaches the end of the specimen(mask) by starting in flames on the specimen fixed at a 45 degree angle.
SPS-KACA 002-132, KS C 9325:2011,
KS B 6740, KS B 6141,
KS R ISO 11155 (ISO 11155),
ISO 21501, ISO 12103, ISO 14644,
ISO 16890(EN1822, RS K 0002/ASHRAE 52.2),
ASTM F2010:19, KOUVA AS 01:2015,
ANSI/AHAM AC-1-2019,
ANSI/AHAM AC-1-2002 Appendix A,
GB/T 18801-2015, GB/T 6165-2008,
GB 21551.3-2010, GB/T 14295-2008,
GB/T 32085.1,2-2015, GB/T 13554-2008,
SAC GB 3095-2012 Appendix A,
JIS B 9908, JIS B 9927, JIS K 0901,
JIS K 3801, JIS K 3803, JIS Z 8909 -1,
JIS L 1913, JEM 1467, and etc.
ARTPLUS is accompanied by domestic research institutes and large companies.
ARTPLUS certificate, patent/application
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