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The 'Smart Fine Dust Clean Specialized Complex Development Project' jointly

by the ART Plus Consortium and Bucheon City will start operating next month.

In 2019, Bucheon City established a master plan for the development of 

a Smart Fine Dust Clean Specialized Complex and declared its vision to build a 'Green City with Citizens' 

with the goal of "Bucheon 2028, Creating a Clear, Green Living Environment". Accordingly, Bucheon City plans to build

the nation's first big data platform for fine dust by 2020 in the first phase, and expand and upgrade the fine dust

emission reduction and damage reduction business by 2023 in the second phase.


Based on the survey conducted by the'Fine Dust Project Citizen Participation Group',

Bucheon City recognized that citizens have anxiety about inaccurate fine dust information, and that they are

calling for effective measures for major sources of fine dust and major living spaces. Bucheon City requested to build

an open IOT platform that applies intelligent/preemptive fine dust reduction technology that

automatically reduces damage to prevent the occurrence of digitally underprivileged people as a tangible fine

dust business that anyone can easily enjoy as a customized countermeasure.


On the other hand, ART Plus provided a 'Fine Dust Alert Service' that provides information on fine dust

and other environmental pollution in specific areas with high pollution concentration due to large floating population,

in addition to the general business management of the 'Smart Fine Dust Clean Special Complex Development Project'.


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